Hello.  I’m Nathan Daniel.   I am a Composer and Producer based in West Hollywood, CA.   I've worked with many artists in Rock, Metal, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, and I also write music for Film and TV.  

I play multiple instruments, I have a huge range of influences, and I am well versed in writing and producing music for various types of artists, bands or visual media.   


Please listen to some of my work below.   If you need an honest, hard working producer for your next record, I'm your guy.   If you need great music or sound design that's authentic, creative and impactful for your next record or film project, I'm also your guy!   My prices are fair and I charge based on the project and work I'm hired to do.  Contact me.  Let's work.

Film/TV Cues

Pop/Hip Hop Instrumentals

Sound Design/FX

Sound Design/FX for Film


I write for film, tv, and the web.  I would describe my work as emotional, moving, dynamic, very melodic, and sometimes epic. I try and keep things simple so the melodies

shine through yet have enough space to stay out of the way of important dialog or sound fx.  

I can also be a session musician if you need some layers of guitar or some orchestral parts to fill out your songs.


I offer 2 different roles as a producer.  One is writing pop, and hip hop, instrumental tracks if you're an artist that needs tracks for your next single or record.


The other role is working with you

(the band or artist) to sculpt the arrangement, lyrics, vocal melodies, and the right sonic direction for your music.


Sound Design/FX

I have an endless supply of sound fx creation tools to create anything from drones, to ambiences, to other wordly sounds.  I mangle samples and create unique sound fx that work great in all kinds of media.

I also have an extensive sound fx library for placing real world sound fx in your film or tv show.

For more info, rates, questions.....


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